Bend Ale Trail

Pub Crawl Area

Bend Ale TrailThe Bend Ale Trail has become nationally known – where else can you walk a few miles and visit nearly a dozen breweries. And where else can you live amongst so many creative craft brewers and entrepreneurs? Can you imagine a place where you could literally crawl from pub to pub (and each one of those pubs brewed their own beer)?

The neighborhoods that you weave through as one visits each Ale Trail stop are collectively known as the Pub Crawl Area, but to locals this is still ‘the Westside’. Plainly put, this is true Bend and these charming areas are what initially put Bend on the map as a family-friendly, outdoor recreation hot spot.

Homes throughout Pub Crawl range widely in price and you’ll find an incredible mixture of residences throughout. Listings move fast in this sought after region, so it’s best to have a local Realtor help keep an eye on the market if you are looking to relocate to somewhere as perfect as this.

Bend Pub Crawl Area

Bend Ale Trail Homes

Bend, Beer City

Pub Crawl District in Bend

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